Since 1986, the Seattle Housing Levy has been the cornerstone of funding affordable housing construction and operation in Seattle. Seattle residents have consistently supported this critical investment in our diverse, growing city.

Levy funds work with other local, state, and federal resources to address needs across the affordable housing continuum, and have created over 12,000 affordable homes over the last forty years.

This levy works. More than 80% of households who received emergency rental help were still in stable housing after six months, and the expiring levy exceeded goals– constructing over 2700 new affordable homes.

The 2023 Seattle Housing Levy funds a broad range of affordable housing programs:

  • Rental Production and Preservation: Produce and preserve 3,500 new affordable homes for low-income households and reinvest in existing affordable housing.
  • Operating, Maintenance, and Services: Help 1,150 formerly homeless residents and people with service needs live in stable, supportive homes, through operations funding for permanent supportive housing.
  • Caregiver Support: Wage support, career training, and professional development for caregivers in supportive and emergency housing, helping restore lives and move people into stable housing and self sufficiency.
  • Homeownership: Create and maintain 360 affordable homeownership opportunities targeted to marginalized communities, through new development, foreclosure prevention assistance, home purchase loan assistance, and home repair grants.
  • Prevention and Housing Stabilization: Stabilize 4,500 individuals and families at risk of eviction and homelessness through rent assistance and case management.
  • Acquisition and Preservation: Short-term loans to purchase buildings and land for affordable housing.